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I’m a traveller, hiker and mountaineer orginally from Western Canada and based in London, United Kingdom.

I’ve travelled to 40 countries and hiked or climbed on four continents including the Altas Mountains of Morocco, the Italian and Slovenia Alps, the Tatras of Poland and the Slovak Republic, Romania, the Canadian Rockies and Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Yosemite in California, volcanos in Washington in the US, New Zealand and Indonesia, the Southern Alps of New Zealand, the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia, the rainforests of Laos, the bush of Australia and South Africa and of course the mighty peaks of England, Wales and the Munros of Scotland.

During my travels I’ve choked down water in some pretty nasty places and yet I’ve never gotten sick from drinking water anywhere in the world [now food is a different story...]. I’ve managed to avoid getting sick by studying the medical and scientific literature to understand the risks and learn how to choose drinking water sources and high quality treatment systems.

Getting sick from drinking water is no picnic and doing the research to avoid it isn’t everyone’s bag so for the benefit of travellers and adventurers, on and off piste, I’ve complied a decade and a half of research and practical experience into this website. I hope you find the information useful and please let me know if you have any suggestions or questions.

Happy travels!

Rob West

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