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Katadyn Pocket Filter

Katadyn pocket filter

Katadyn Pocket Filter

Based in Switzerland and with offices around the world, Katadyn has been producing ceramic water microfilters for over 80 years. They have about half the global market in filters and their portable filters for outdoor and travel use are probably the highest quality available. I own a Katadyn Pocket filter.

Katadyn Pocket Filter

The Pocket filter is the original ceramic microfilter. It comes with a 20 year warranty and the cleanable 0.2 micron ceramic depth filter (a thick scrubbable filter element) is impregnated with silver to inhibit bacteria growth. This is the smallest pore size available in a microfilter and it will filter out all pathogenic bacteria, protozoa and parasitic worm eggs but not viruses which are far too small to be filtered. The ceramic depth filter will last for 15-20,000 litres depending on how dirty the water is and how often it is scrubbed and thus how quickly the ceramic is abraded.

Katadyn microfilters are probably the most expensive on the market but they are very high quality Swiss products with a proven track record and will last you a lifetime of travel and adventure. Unlike microfilters that use cheaper paper filters that need replacing after several hundred litres, Katadyn ceramic depth filters can be easily cleaned and produce no waste material. To put it in perspective, if you take ten weekend hiking trips per year and pump 15 litres through the filter each weekend this filter will last you for about 100 years without needing any replacement parts.

The combination of a high quality ceramic microfilter and a chemical treatment product is my preferred water treatment system for the toughest conditions and Katadyn offers amongst the highest quality and most proven and trustworthy products available.

I highly recommend their products. You can purchase them from my shop.